"my team will only guarantee one thing, 
a challenging program that will pull every ounce of potential and ability out of you and your company.
  together we will find out if you're just another good entrepreneur or a titan."
Kevin Suter
INVESTMENT $2,500.00 - $15,000.00/yr

determined by the size of involvement and commitment requirements

The Titan Program is a consulting and growth program developed by Kevin Suter and ran in conjunction with The Suter Group

  • Kevin and The Suter Group team are accepting new clients who are wanting assistance in the expansion of their company and/or personal brand. However, they have to make sure the new client is a good fit. If you're interested in their services Kevin's team would love to connect with you and see if they can help you achieve your goals.

  • The Titan Program is not for the faint of heart. Once the initial meeting takes place and the best plan of action is decided on, Kevin and his team - The Suter Group - will hold you to a high level of accountability and standards to help you accomplish the tasks that produce greatness and to cross the finish lines set.

  • If Kevin and his team determine that you and your company are a good fit for the Titan Program, they will rapidly help you re-organize your business structure, audit and or implement business standardization protocols, review your web presence and social media outlets, plan for brand and company growth, and begin paving the way for your business to thrive.

How does the "Titan Program" work?

  • The first step is to fill out the Titan Program application. If you want to jump right to it, you can do so HERE. This gives Kevin and his team over at The Suter group the opportunity to review your needs and come up with a preliminary plan they believe will best fit your company. 

  • Secondly, the team will set up an introductory and discovery call with Kevin. Kevin and his team will call you to go over all the details they need to make sure they can assist you and to dig a little deeper into your personal and professional life. The Titan Program demands transparency between our clients and team. Partnerships are made on trust and transparency. If Kevin and his team decide to take on your company, you will move to step 3.

  • Thirdly, Kevin and his team will schedule 1 of 2 in person meetings (If part of your plan) where in Kevin will come with a member from The Suter Group and meet your team, deliver a full day of business specific training and development and to help with your cultural branding and daily operations.

  • After this day of training and planning, you will have direct access to Kevin and his team through our private Titan Program Platform. You will receive weekly emails, videos and resources from The Suter Group team and have open access to Kevin through channels we develop for you during our on-boarding process.

  • And finally, Kevin will remain available for you. If you're looking to buy a playbook with no coach, a plan without accountability or a process without hard work, then Kevin is not the person for you to partner with. BUT, if you're looking for true relationship, investment in you personally and true custom-for-you business practices then keep reading on and let's get ready to meet.

  • Download the PFD that tells you in more detail what we do for our clients.

What if i'm a nonprofit?

  • Kevin has developed a wide wealth of knowledge from his many years of involvement with nonprofits, organizations and churches. He's been part of developing every type of program you can imagine, technological or otherwise. Kevin and his team have a similar process for non-profits, but as you may know, the two work spaces are drastically different. This is why his team has separate deployment strategies for non-profits. The steps are technically the same, but consist of different strategies.

  • The training portion for your team is developed and determined by your needs and goals that are set and agreed upon during the introductory call.

  • The big difference between non-profit and for-profit is that Kevin will come in for an entire weekend instead of a single day to asses your team. It will consist of training, one on one meetings, questionnaires, analysis and goal development. One whole day will be dedicated to ministry and operations management. Kevin not only develops the plan, but will show you how to implementing portions of it immediately. 

How do I know if it's right for me?

  • The truth is the Titan Program is not for everyone. Kevin is going to dig deep into your organization, your personal life and your operating tendencies. His ultimate goal is to unveil and identify the issues and pitfalls holding back your growth and development in you business and your employees. Kevin will even be meeting with your staff to assist in finding the key issues that you may be overlooking.

  • This is the most transparent program you can open yourself up to, but the amazing thing about transparency and accountability is that if you fully commit to it, you can't lose. You will at the very least learn from this process, and hopefully at the most reach the goals you've been striving for.

How can you apply?

  • A baseline is set depending on the type of involvement Kevin's team agrees to, and there are three tiers of said involvement. Your level will be decided after the introductory call and will be fully developed during the in person training.
    They are all billed monthly.

  • Level 1 starts at $3,000.00/yr

  • Level 2 starts at $6,000.00/yr

  • Level 3 starts at $15,000.00/yr

  • If you can afford the investment, if your business or nonprofit is a good fit for Kevin and his team, and and if you’re willing to do the work necessary, then click the link below and talk with Merrick, Kevin's personal virtual assistant, and he’ll set up the phone call that could change your life.


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