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founder of tSG CAPITAL
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Kevin's approach to building businesses and scaling operations is unique, meticulously detailed, and aggressive. His open-door policy for his clients is the main ingredient to his success.

"Listen. If you're paying good money to an individual or a team of people but you cannot get in contact with them in a time of need, then you don't have a partner you simply have a paid cheerleader. They are not a coach or a guru - they're just selling you a plan and a collective of ideas that they probably didn't come up with. You don't need a coach, you need a partner. That's where we come in."

- Kevin Suter

Kevin's approach to sales has catapulted multiple companies into not only the 6-figure area but also into 7 and even 8-figure profits. He has an innate ability to dive deep into a company's sales methods and analyze key issues. From there he and his team devise a plan of action consisting of thorough action plans and easy-to-follow steps to completion. The main pillar of success is Kevin's accountability clause. The need for constant contact and check-ins is the main force in the success process.

Challenge. That's what Kevin offers. A challenging and demanding regiment that's not for everyone, but for those who have the ability to put their fears aside and be relentless in their approach and want to accomplish incredible feats.

Kevin grows businesses. Period. From single-employee operations to public gyms, auto detailing companies, and corporations Kevin helps businesses thrive and accomplish more than they could have ever done so alone.


Kevin is the only partner you will find who's willing to climb the mountain with you. 

our methods are unmatched

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